Supporting education and Innovation

Our Mission

Levra is a nonprofit organization committed to building individual’s capabilities through early child literacy, youth engagement, skills development and community service.

Our Vision

A world that thrives on a balance between academics, lifeskills, and technology

What we do

At Levra, we open our doors to people from all walks of life to learn, teach, mentor, share their talents and experiences. We believe that everyone is unique and with that uniqueness comes the ability to serve and uplift another person’s life. Since 2020, the team has been putting together meaningful programs with the purpose of creating active human connections and balancing technology with social interactions.

We debunk the myth that technology and social media allows users conversations and brings communities together. We put a strong emphasis on the human element in the relationship between man and machine. With this belief our grassroot, programs focuses on:

Teaching children to read and analyze through active story-telling​

Helping students with experiential learning and talent enhancement through clubs and guided mentorship​

Developing youth capability and leadership through paid work experiences and skills development​

Creating work opportunities for newcomers and the marginalized group through government funded programs ​

Bring communities closer by creating activities that encourage multi-generational and inter-racial understanding​

Support Levra Foundation

Our community depends on financial support and volunteers from generous people like you. Your gift today has the power to change lives. Thank you for your donation or for signing up to volunteer today!