Youth Engagement

“The young generation is powerful and influential in society”


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With 1.8 billion youth today, the largest global population of youth in history, we believe that we can help shape the future by helping our youth achieve their full potential. At Levra Foundation, we are committed to guiding the youth as they transition to an exciting step in their lives.

Through our Engagement and Mentorship programs, we strive at making a positive impact on the youth’s lives. Mentoring provides a lot of benefits to youth to prepare them to navigate the complexities of the real world. Mentoring changes the course of young lives, and in turn, changes the future of communities to help create a better society in which more children, youth and adults can work, play, participate and thrive.

Benefits for youth

  • Increased high school graduation rates
  • Lower high school dropout rates
  • Healthier relationships and lifestyle choices
  • Better attitude about school
  • Higher college enrollment rates and higher educational aspirations
  • Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improved behavior, both at home and at school
  • Stronger relationships with parents, teachers, and peers
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Decreased likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use (MENTOR, 2009; Cavell, DuBois, Karcher, Keller, & Rhodes, 2009)

How we do it?

We actively engage youth to make an impact in the society by making education as the platform for change. We create programs allowing youth to connect with children and adult to create intergenerational learning experiences.  

We actively engage youth to make an impact in the society using our 3 cornerstones allowing youth to connect with children, adult and seniors to create intergenerational learning experiences.   

1 - Training

We equip our youths with training such as:

  • Critical thinking Training and Workshop
  • Coaching for Success
  • Teaching Foundation
  • Effective Communication through Storytelling
  • Kindness Speaks Volume
  • First aid training
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2 – Youth Mentorship

Our Youth Mentorship Program matches youth volunteers with adult mentors. Our goal is to help youth gain the skills needed to help execute ideas into life to help them become productive individuals

3 – Application through Community Service

Putting ideas into action in service to the community

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We have spent over 10,000 hours in training others

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We have spent over 2,000 hours in mentorship

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We have spent over 5,000 hours in Community Service